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So I got a few votes for the Ficathon poll over at my fic community and got two really great ideas. This is hereby dubbed the After Work Ficathon. The rules and the form are listed below...

- Each person will be given the same opening sentence. You must use this as a starting point to your fic, which is to follow the character/characters of your choice after work.

- Sign-ups start March 11th and end March 31st. Assignments will go out April 1st and fics are due May 15th. On May 1st the next ficathon sign-up will start.

- You must follow what the person you have been assigned has requested. It's unfair to them if you don't pay attenion to characters/ratings they don't want.


Now, the form has been made and coded, so please don't mess with the coding. Just put your answers in where they are needed.

Date: 2007-03-11 11:35 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Username: [ profile] fallapartagain
E-mail (feel free to use an LJ e-mail address if you have one): tabitha.smurf[AT]
Fandoms You Would Want Fic In: CSI: NY, NCIS -- do JAG and/or Close to Home count as procedurals? If so, JAG probably comes highest on the list. But I'm not really too fussy...
Characters You Like (please list for each fandom above): NY: Anything but Danny/Lindsay. Preferably the S1 team (totally includes Maka and Tyler-the-lab-geek). If you're wanting a pairing, Stella/Mac. NCIS: Anyone. I'm a Gibbs/Abby, Abby/McGee, Kate/Gibbs type person. JAG: anyone, preferably Harm/Mac as opposed to Harm/anyone else, though. Close to Home: whatever. Not bothered there. Preferably Annabeth/Jack.
Characters You Don't Like (please list for each fandom above that this applies to): NY: Lindsay. Keep her out of it please! Also, keep Danny to a minimum? NCIS: No hates... but please to be keeping DiNozzo to a minimum? JAG: no Brumby. Please.
Highest Rating Wanted: Whatever. R?
Anything else you don't like (slash, angst, etc): Umm... no slash please.
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