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Anyone else having problems with LJ? Well, the important thing is that I'm having problems with LJ. And not getting comments. So we're going to do this.

If you have finished your fic, leave a comment here with a link to it and who you wrote it for. I will bookmark this post and check it daily. For those who haven't quite finished or just recently sent it off to betas, this is a little bit of time to finish it up, make it pretty, and post it.


May. 15th, 2007 11:54 am
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I've gotten a lot of comments that people are running late, and I am, too. So. The ficathon is going to be extended until May 31st. And remember there's a new ficathon, too. Please sign up!
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The basic premise of this ficathon is this: what if one event in your show's history never happened? How would the show be different? Using CSI: NY for an example: what if Aiden had never been murdered? If she was still alive and DJ Pratt was still on the streets? What would happen?

The form has been altered a little from last time, so make sure you use this one.

Sign-ups start May 5th and end May 31st. Assignments will go out June 1st and fics are due July 15th. On July 1st the next ficathon sign-up will start.

Please pimp this around, and remember that if you're entered in Ficathon #1 that your fics are due on the 15th!
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The e-mail I sent you with the info for this round got bounced back to me. Can you comment on this post so I can give it to you here? I'm screening the comments.
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Be on the lookout for an e-mail titled PD Ficathon from the e-mail address writinggoddess@aol.com because that will be all the rules and the info for who you're writing for. I know it's going out late but I'd hoped for some last minute participants. But we have a decent group, so have a fun time writing!

I also included the e-mail of the person you're writing for, in case you have any questions for them. It's all right if you know who's writing for you, I just don't want the fics themselves up before May 15th.
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So I got a few votes for the Ficathon poll over at my fic community and got two really great ideas. This is hereby dubbed the After Work Ficathon. The rules and the form are listed below...

The Rules )

Now, the form has been made and coded, so please don't mess with the coding. Just put your answers in where they are needed.

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